Laravel + AngularJS + Bootstrap Developer

Design and develop web applications for our happy clients in the wine and beer industries. Implement new functionality in existing client applications along with shaping and building future products. Your primary role will be to assist in the development of “full stack” solutions, moreover help build great software products. You need to be an independent worker with excellent communication skills that can take direction, work in teams and work directly with clients.

We are adding new functionality to our existing web apps as well as improving current functionality. This work will entail the following:

  • Updating existing code:
    • Business logic
    • User interfaces
  • New Development
    • Adding new business logic
    • Adding new user interface elements
  • Developing API endpoints for mobile applications to tap into

When applying, Please Provide:

  • A link to your Github account, if you have one.
  • A link to your personal site, if you have one.
  • Your resume/CV.

Skills Required

  • Working experience with Laravel 4 and Laravel 5
  • Working experience with Angular (v1.6+) and jQuery
  • Working experience with HTML5, CSS3 and Sass
  • Working experience with Bootstrap
  • Working experience with building RESTful web services
  • Knowledge of all major browsers and how to work within their various nuances
  • Managing repositories on GitHub
  • Testing across PHP and Javascript

Nice to have:

  • Working experience with MySQL
  • Working experience with Grunt
  • Working experience D3.js
  • It would be awesome if you had some open-source work and/or blogs to share.


  • Open-mindedness. We need a resource that can be part of a team and be open to new ideas and provide us with new ideas. Check the ego at the virtual door.
  • Collaborative. We don’t do well with just giving someone a set of requirements, leaving them alone for a week and then check in. We need to be able to collaborate and iterate.
  • Enjoys the work they do. We’re looking for someone that is passionate about their craft.


  • SF Bay Area would be great!
  • Remote works too, just need to have at least 4 hours overlap with PDT.