Software as a Service

Supply Chain Planning

Simple supply chain planning application geared towards businesses that need a planning solution to help manage supply and demand. We've been around the block a few times with implementing the big dollar software solutions. We know what is used in these applications and what isn't. So, we've developed a solution that focuses on what is important: projecting sales, inventory, production and distribution.

We're currently working with craft brewers across the globe to plan brews, material purchases and sales using EZplan provides information for the brewer to be proactive and lower their operating costs.

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Sales Forecast Collaboration

Sales forecast collaboration platform to support multiple users across enterprises. Focuses on capturing one set of numbers entered in from multiple stakeholders.

Created for: Treasury Wine Estates

Treasury Wine Estates in Napa Valley, needed a simple solution for their sales team and distributor partners to collaborate on their shared depletion forecast. This solution has simplified collecting the forecast data while providing a quick analysis of how the business is tracking.

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Winery Operations Planning

Wine planning application that various stakeholders can review and plan out the blending and distribution of wine across a complex winery network.

Created for: Treasury Wine Estates

Treasury Wine Estates, needed a solution to plan all the steps required to blend, ship and bottle the wine. This has simplified the communication across the organization, improved wine quality and reduced operation costs.

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Direct to Consumer (DTC) Sales Analytics

Analytics application that sits on top of a direct-to-consumer system (e.g. eCellar) to quickly process buying patterns of customers. Are your top customers performing as expected? Are there customers that are dropping off? Are your new customer's purchases increasing or decreasing?

Created for: Flowers Winery

Flowers Winery, in the Sonoma Coast, needed a solution that would provide them analytics on their consumer buying patterns. The application flags those customers that were increasing or slowing down over time. This would then trigger the Flowers team to engage with the customers accordingly to sustain sales or turn declining customers around.

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Your Pocket

We don't stop with web apps, we've worked on mobile apps for our clients. Like our custom web apps, most of the apps are for internal use. We've built applications that help with checklists and wine rating. We also build companion mobile apps for our web apps.